Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Barry M // Touch of Magic Lip Paint

Barry M "Touch of Magic" Lip Paint - $8.00

I'm sure many American beauty bloggers can emphasize when I say that every time I read a post by a UK blogger about the latest 'must-have item' at Space NK or Boots, I turn into a little green-eyed monster. Of course, I am sure that the feeling is mutual the other way around. When I noticed that Urban Outfitters sells some UK brands like Barry M, Lord & Berry, and Bourjois online, I knew this was my chance to try some of the products I have been reading about for so long.

The Barry M "Touch of Magic" Lip Paint possesses the appeal that it is green in the bullet and then changes color based on the pH levels in your skin. I've been having quite a bit of fun tricking my friends with this lipstick. The formulation of the lipstick is quite nice and surprisingly moisturizing. Although there is a significant amount of product in the bullet, the packaging is surprisingly quite small. The picture above does not give the color justice. On me, it turned into a bright pink with plummy undertones that can be worn daily. Be careful though, the lipstick stains and can be difficult to take off. In my opinion, this purchase was a great way of diving into the world of UK makeup.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking A Page From 'Lisette Loves': Thankful Thursday

The last couple of weeks have been quite strenuous in regards to university. I miss blogging and interacting with fellow bloggers. This post is going to be personal, not revolving around the newest lipstick I've been trying out or filled with photos of swatches. I have decided to take a page from the lovely 'Lisette Loves' and write about the things I am thankful for this Thursday because boy, I need a pick me up right about now.

Making more time to exercise during the week no matter how much work I have to get done
Sprinkle donuts and the boyfriend who surprises me with them
Finding out I'm going to Spain in December 
Getting a package in the mail
Going home this weekend
American Horror Story!

Let me know what you are thankful for! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Mac Quad

Mac Custom Palette Eyeshadow x 4 - $48.00 

I have a new romance in my life: my little Mac palette that I got as a gift for my 19th birthday this past month. Choosing four eyeshadows was one of the most difficult feats I have faced thus far (slight hyperbole). I trusted Tanya Burr and went with some of her favorites. Woodwinked was the one eyeshadow there was no question about because it truly is the most magnificent golden bronze. I was initially planning on getting All That Glitters in place of Blanc Type but I chose to be sensible and went with a light matte color to use as a base for the other three. Sumptuous Olive, which I thought was called "Scrumptious Olive" (the sales rep must have taken me for a noob) is a lovely green-gold which pairs well with my green eyes. Last but not least, I chose Satin Taupe because it was just too beautiful to leave behind. I love the Mac eyeshadows, although they are horrifically expensive, and I cannot wait to wear more color on my lids because of this palette! What are your must-have Mac eyeshadows?