Friday, December 20, 2013

And I am Back!

My one and a half month hiatus of being a lazy bum and spending hours studying for finals and not paying attention to my blog is officially over! Some exciting things are a-brewing here on 'Masha's Mumbles'. On Monday, I am leaving for Spain and will not be back until 2014. I will be taking an excessive amount of photos on my trip and will also be on the hunt for some new beauty items that are exclusive to Spain (any suggestions?!).

I am getting back on track with getting fit so my fitness posts will be reappearing and will hopefully help all of you who are making the New Year's resolution to be a bit more healthy. Furthermore, get ready for too many makeup posts because while I was stressed with school work I may have relieved that stress by adding to my makeup collection... Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for sticking around while I was buried under textbooks.