Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's Talk Fitness // 2: Motivation

The main reason why I'm not a professional athlete (minus the fact that I just don't have the talent) is that I often lack the motivation to get out and train. However, I do have a couple tips and tricks have helped me go to the gym more often and for a longer period of time.

My number one problem is that I get bored while running on the elliptical or treadmill. I have noticed that some people tend to cover up the screen of the machine with a towel to avoid seeing the time they have spent running/the amount of calories they have burnt. This is supposed to make you lose track of time and spend more time exercising. That does not work for me. Nor does listening to music. The only thing that will keep me distracted is watching YouTube videos. In particular, videos about fitness and health. Here are a couple of YouTubers that keep me going:
  1. Lauren Elizabeth: Lauren has 3-4 videos about her fitness routine and eating habits
  2. Ayydubs: Alyx talks about her weight loss story and how she stays in shape. She is a BIG fan of Zumba.
  3. ARose186: Fitness aside, Arden is hilarious and the most charming person I've ever watched. She talks about staying healthy and her fitness routine. 
Another solution for the monotony that can be working out is to mix it up! Not only will this keep you more engaged, it is actually more beneficial to your workout. If every time you go to the gym you only run or you only go on the elliptical, your body will get used to the exercise and it will not benefit you in the long run. For example, one day of the week I like to run a couple miles on the treadmill and do abs and legs and then the next time I go to the gym I will spin and focus more on lifting. This gives certain muscles time to heal before you strain them again and make them bigger and tighter. Also, a good idea is to try to take some classes like yoga, zumba, or kickboxing. During past school year I experimented with boxing and actually became an avoid yoga-goer. Since I'm very competitive, having an instructor and other people around me makes me work harder and as a result, burn more calories.

My final little tip is probably a bit more obvious than the previous ones: keep your goal in mind. When I'm exercising, different scenarios run through my head where I bump into people I haven't seen in awhile or I picture how amazing I will look at some big event wearing a dress I had not previously been able to pull off. A bit narcissistic but it helps.

Don't forget that a relaxed workout is better than nothing. Hope this made you at least the tiniest bit more motivated!


  1. Helpful tips, as always! Mustering up motivation can be super tough, but keeping perspective like this is so important. Great post! xo


  2. Such great tips! :) That's also my main problem when I'm working out. I just get too bored!

    Your blog is great btw! I am now following you & I also nominated you for the Liebstr Award if you are interested. The details are right here :

    Have a lovely day~! xoxo

  3. This is exactly my problem, I get so bored and distracted and need some form of motivation!
    Great blog.
    Emma x

  4. Those trainers are really pretty, I'd definitely do exercise if they were on my feet!

  5. Love this post, such good tips on fittness! I really enjoy the nike fittness club; has really good exercises on it and they really work :) Love your blog, following! xx

  6. Great tips!! Just followed you on bloglovin :) hope you follow back!

  7. I hate working out! I work out probably 3 or 4 days a week, and it's just so awful no matter what I do lol. I like to work out outside, but it's just toooo hot in the summer, so I'm stuck in the gym :/ Maybe I need to check ot some of those YouTube videos.

    Life of Mabel

  8. I am just like you -I completely lack motivation! I think I just need to find the exercise that I enjoy, but joining a gym is just too expensive! Fabulous tips though x


  9. i get motivatedfor like a day and then i give up. im so horrible at staying in shape.

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  10. Really great post !! I always lack in motivation and just can't be bothered when I get bored. But I find youtube videos great as well - I really got motivated by the Midweek Motivation with a little help from PixiWoo video from TheLeanMachine - because she wasn't a super trained trainer but just "normal" and I've now started to do challenge for example the 30 Days Squat Challenge :D
    So I try to mix it up a bit as well ^^

    Christina xx

  11. Thanks for the post on my blog i appreciate it. I love this post, motivation i think we all need abit of it especially me. lol

  12. Great post. I tend to run a few times a week but have started taking Pilates as well to get more of a workout.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!


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