Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In with Inglot

Inglot is a make up brand I have been longing to try out for a couple years now. The problem is that most of their locations are in big cities and none of those locations are in Ohio. Of course there is the option of ordering online but that can involve high shipping costs and it takes away from the whole experience of playing with the colorful selection. I was lucky enough to happen upon an Inglot counter in Union Square in San Francisco and I made a small purchase. I did not have a lot of time to examine all the beautiful colors so I quickly chose 450 [muddy red] and 46 [pearly oyster color]. 450 reminded me of Mac's 'Cranberry' so I decided to get it since it was less expensive than Mac. I'm not so sure how to wear this color, since red on your eyelids can make or break your look, but I am up for the challenge! The actual eyeshadows are very pigmented and the magnetic packaging is nifty. The palette I purchased was a duo from the 'Freedom System' which is where you choose the the size of the palette and select the eyeshadows. That's really half the fun! Have you tried any products from Inglot? Also, if anyone has a post on how to wear red based eyeshadows leave me a link in the comments!  


  1. Gorgeous colour.
    Love your blog.
    I follow beauty blogs back

  2. I am in LOVE with that 450 colour, I think that might have to be one of the ones I invest it. I've always wanted to try Inglot, but have no managed to get to a store which stocks it.

    I reckon you could team that stunning colour with a smokey grey/black combination and a strong red lip for a night out. It would look amazing on you.

    Adrienne| latenightnonsense

  3. Love Inglot, such a perfect brand !

  4. I really want an Inglot palette! They have some really pretty colours :)

    Ria x


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