Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Covergirl // Clump Crusher

Multiple people in the blogosphere have baptized this mascara as the best mascara of the year. I rarely venture out of my bubble of Maybelline mascaras, but after hearing endless praise, I decided to give the 'Crump Crusher' a go. Spoiler: I was underwhelmed. True, the mascara does not clump but it does not do anything else either! It does not lengthen or add volume to my lashes.   The part that is clumpy is the packaging. Not to mention every time I apply it, I feel like I'm in art class because of the strong oil paint smell. Okay now that I am done bashing the product, I should focus a bit on the upsides of the 'Clump Crusher'. It is a wonderful everyday mascara that would work well with a natural make-up look. What is your opinion on this mascara?


  1. I never tried cover girl makeup but this one looks good ! :)


  2. After reading I'm going to try it thx.


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